How treatment works.

The type of treatment that a patient receives at The Back Clinic is called Documentation Based Care (DBC). This is a program that was designed in Finland. The primary goal of the DBC Program is to treat back and neck conditions conservatively so as to avoid surgery where possible. In addition, the program aims to manage pain levels, improve functionality and quality of life, and improve spinal ranges of motion.

On the treatment program patients will typically see a Biokineticist and Physiotherapist for 30-minute sessions each, twice a week, with at least one day apart.

The Biokineticist treatment consists of utilizing DBC Machines, stretching patients, educating them and providing them with an evidence-based homework program for the neck or the back respectively.

The Physiotherapist uses different treatment modalities and individualizes the treatment to the patients’ specific needs in order to help increase circulation, treat muscle stiffness and trigger points, improve range of motion, decrease inflammation, improve gait and balance, and manage neurological deficits. 

Typical Conditions Treated.

Although this is not an exhaustive list below is a list of the conditions that practitioners typically treat using the DBC protocol. 

Arthritis / Osteoarthritis
Disc Degeneration
General Back and Neck Pain
Herniated Disc – Slipped or Bulging Disc
Narrowing of Spinal Canal
Neck Pain
Non-Specific Back Pain
Pinched Nerve
Post-Traumatic Spinal Injury (such as after an accident)
Pelvic and Lower Back Pain

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