Traveling for treatment of back and neck pain.

At The Back Clinic we assist patients from across the world to get treatment for back and neck conditions whether they have experienced pain for many years or even just a few days. We provide treatment solutions that range from helping patients to deal with sudden pain that can feel debilitating, all the way to treatment for long-term conditions. In many cases, treatment assists patients to avoid back or neck surgery where possible.

Doctors, Physiotherapists and Biokineticists make use of The DBC protocol – a specialized treatment program developed in Finland over 30 years ago. This protocol combines the careful application of physical rehabilitation techniques and the use of specialized equipment to treat a variety of back and neck conditions. Many patients have achieved successful results with this treatment method.

Treatment is available in Sandton and Kempton Park (both located in Johannesburg, South Africa) for international patients.

Alleviate back pain with an Ergonomic chair

Typical Conditions Treated

Although this is not an exhaustive list, below are conditions that practitioners typically treat using the DBC protocol:

Arthritis / Osteoarthritis
Disc Degeneration
General Back and Neck Pain
Herniated Disc – Slipped or Bulging Disc
Narrowing of Spinal Canal
Neck Pain
Non-Specific Back Pain
Pinched Nerve

Post-Traumatic Spinal Injury (such as after an accident)
Pelvic and Lower Back Pain

About Treatment

Documentation Based Care

The treatment program you will receive at The Back Clinic is called Documentation Based Care (DBC). The primary goal of the DBC program is to treat back and neck conditions conservatively to avoid surgery when possible. In addition, the program aims to relieve pain, improve functionality and quality of life, and increase spinal range of motion.

Multidisciplinary Team

As part of the treatment program, you will see a Doctor during assessments (at the beginning, during, and at the end of treatment), Physiotherapist and a Biokineticist (a medically trained human movement specialist who uses exercises to prevent and treat injuries and diseases). Appointments are scheduled two to three times a week for 30 minutes of treatment each time, with at least one day between sessions. Treatment programs range from 6 sessions (12 days), 9 sessions (20 days) to 12 sessions (27 days).

DBC Devices

A Biokineticist provides treatment on DBC devices throughout the course of your treatment program. The devices help to increase range of motion, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and decrease pain over time. In addition, the Biokineticist provides stretching exercises, patient education and evidence-based homework programs for the neck or back.

Pain Management

A Physiotherapist focuses on pain management by using different treatment modalities to address your individual needs. Treatment helps improve circulation, treat muscle stiffness and trigger points, improve range of motion, reduce inflammation, improve gait and balance, and treat neurological deficits.

How we support you


We are aware of the time demands of the program and have structured the travel-for-treatment program to allow for shorter treatment windows while still providing excellent patient care. We will also help you with any paperwork you may need for your trip. 


We recommend suitable accommodation near the practice for easy access to stores, malls, pharmacies and entertainment. We will advise you on the local transfer options available to you as well. These include transfer from the airport, transfer to treatment and to other local destinations.

Case Manager

A dedicated case manager will help you with any questions you may have during your stay when you travel for treatment. This can range from questions about ongoing treatment to obtaining medications to shopping options. We also work with specialists (orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons) who can provide additional care as needed.

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