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About Us

We offer a holistic solution for the treatment of chronic back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and knee pain employing both physiotherapists and biokineticists to achieve this. Our therapists have experience in orthopaedics and sports injuries and work with both patients with various symptoms and from vast backgrounds.

In the treatment of back and neck pain we use a proven, 20 year old, treatment protocol, developed in Finland to help you manage muscoskeletal pain and quality of life. Through specialised assessments administered by experienced doctors, physiotherapists and biokineticists, using exercises and specialised machinery, our treatment protocol has helped patients to avoid surgery in many cases.*

*Ref: Spine 24:1034-1042, 1999

We care about our patients

Because we understand how debilitating back, neck, shoulder and knee pain can be, we offer an affordable solution that is non-invasive and takes into account your level of pain. Our treatment protocol does not involve any surgery or hospital stays, helps you to manage pain over a shorter period of time and costs an estimated 80% less than surgery. And because we truly care about our patients’ health, we have negotiated for certain medical aids to cover the cost of treatment without depleting your medical savings.