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No Medical Aid / Savings ?

The Back Clinic has partnered with MediWallet (Fever Tree Finance) to allow you to pay for treatment if you do not have medical aid or if you do not have medical savings.

MediWallet is an affordable way to manage your health expenditure and allows you to cover the day-to-day costs that can so quickly and unexpectedly gobble up your money. MediWallet offers you access to up to R40 000 in credit, treatment at The Back Clinic is paid upfront and you have up to 18 months to settle the bill, with the option to you pay sooner. With this option you are able to pay for medical services when you use them, instead of paying every month whether you need those services or not.

With more control over your medical spending, you have flexibility and protection from increases in medical aid premiums with an instant response to your application for funds.

If you are interested in learning more about MediWallet, contact us on 011 883 3618. Alternatively, complete the application form on this page and MediWallet will send you a prompt response on the funds available to you.